Friday, November 13, 2009

Rumah Titisan Kasih

The only first experience that really touch my heart. Experience that full of 'ilm and hikmah. 'Rumah Titian Kaseh', a station that really gave me new perception about life. Yes, life that we are going through.. There were so many obstacles that we, the Highest Leader need to face and manage before this programme can be held. But we knew and all of the form two students of SAMBESTARI knew that we will get something from our journey.
7th of November 09 or 19 Zulqaedah 1430 Hijr.. was the day that we, from Sambest were waiting for. We were very eager to meet our ikhwah and akhowat in RTK. All of us kept the same aim, to share something and to make them feel; 'oh, there's still somebody who want to hear me'.
Hayati, the eight years old girl..really knocked the innermost part of my heart. Behind her cheerful character, there's something that must be explored in her heart... Her life story was...
Herself, mentally and physically was very tough to face that trial. Her mother had just passed away a few days ago.. Her father was busy taking care of her youngest sister who was caught in a disease. Astaghfirullah..really open my mind and my heart to think again.. Think about mine and i'm sure our life that really different from them.

Some of us were always demanding on this and that, complaining about everything and maybe we are in the most dangerous situation.!! [kufur ni'mat] Nauzubillah min zalik..
really taught me to be more grateful person. I still have parents to lean on, to wipe my tears away, to give me love and hope ... but for them.. there's nobody..nobody to lean on or to hear their story EXCEPT us.. the nearest ikhwah and akhowat. ikhwah and akhowat that are in the same way of life. not just us but everybody who are still remember what is their way of life. Alhamdulillah.. Islam is really a perfect way of life. [Ya ALLAH.. Help us in every circumstances .. we always forgot about you and your ni'mah.. Took us away from kufur ni'mah Ya Allah.. Ameen ]
When Hayati said that she had memorised a few verse of Holy Quran, i think.. i can feel and see the excellent future of deenulISLAM, if this generations become the next leader.. The most interesting part is when she said that she had memorised the suratulASR with half of the translations, my heart was blossoming. MASYAALLAH... Genius, intelligent and full of patientness. that's HAYATI.. May Allah bless us and keep us in this path of da'wah. Ameen.

Segalanya MilikMu

Kau yang menciptakan cinta
Dan Kau jua yang menghampar bahagia
Di ribaanMu terhimpun harapan
Impian tulus setiap insan

Kau yang mengutuskan duka
Dan Engkaulah yang mengirimkan hampa
Namun padaMu jua diadukan
Merebahkan keresahan dan tangisan

Aku tahu inilah kasihMu
Aku tahu inilah cintaMu
Dan ku tahu tiap yang terbaik untukku
Tak semuanya yang ku mahu

Di celah hangat nafas yang terhela
Ada dingin saat menyeru (menyebut) namaMu
Terarah segala ronta dan rasa
Pada damainya dakapanMu

Aku tahu inilah kasihMu
Aku tahu inilah cintaMu
Dan ku tahu di segenap ruang rasaku
Telah Kau titipkan kekuatan
Oh Tuhan

" Seseorang itu bukan diketahui HEBAT apabila orang lain bertanya;

SIAPA BAPAMU?? , tetapi apabila orang lain bertanya SIAPAKAH DIRIMU?? "

~Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh~